Our final day in New York. I don’t think either one of us were in a huge rush to leave. We had done so much, and yet there was so much of New York we never got to see – you could probably live your whole life in the city and still not see everything.

We set about packing up the last few things and checking out of the hotel. Despite it being our last day we still had stuff we wanted to see, so we didn’t want to waste any time. We did the last little bit of souvenir shopping and headed over to Central Park. And did we get a beautiful day for that! It was 60 and sunny. We wandered around the park marveling in the beauty of it all. We ventured out of the park in search of lunch.

One of the places Dakota really wanted to see was the Waldorf Astoria (as she is an aspiring Hospitality Management major) so we decided to take a walk over that way to have a little lunch. I must say, the hotel was gorgeous, and the food was phenomenal. It was the perfect place to have a last lunch.

As we left the Waldorf I thought we were close enough to walk back to the hotel. I’m not sure what I was looking at or what I was thinking… but it ended up being worth it because we got lost over on 5th Avenue – which is not a terrible place to be lost at! After much wandering around we finally found a subway using our metro cards one last time we hopped on getting us back to the hotel. We naturally stopped for one last coffee in Time Square – as it had become one of my favorite traditions – before we got our bags and embarked on, probably, our scariest taxi ride to the airport.  I was definitely holding on for dear life on our final taxi ride – but we made it there in one piece.


Our final day in New York. Central Park, Waldorf Astoria, and the Airport 18/11/2016

Taking this vacation was amazing and really sparked the bug to travel but, also to better myself. I came back from New York refreshed and ready. I desperately wanted to be back in school so, as soon as I got back and set about emailing advisors; taking placement tests and trying to get everything figured out before the spring semester started in January. As it turns out that’s another story but, the fire had been started – and for that I was grateful.

Traveling is such a wonderful thing and there are so many places within the United States that are worth visiting and experiencing. If you’re able to, plan a trip and explore the world. I truly believe that’s how you find out about who you really are and what you want. This trip really sparked a fire within me to buckle down and get myself into a position where I can start my career and that journey for myself.

It’s truly been a long and hard journey to get myself here but I am so proud and thankful that I’ve been fortunate enough to have all these life experiences.


  1. Clarion Sleep and Park deal  $128.96
  2. Southwest flight  $319.92
  3. DoubleTree Hilton Suites – Time Square  (Four Nights) $1,653.06
  4. One Day New York Museum Pass  $218 ($89 for one, one day pass)
  5. World One Observatory  $102.88 (for two tickets)
  6. Helicopter Tour  $618 (for two tickets)
  7. Car Service (that picked us up from the airport)  $36 (gratuity not included)
  8. Metro Card  $30 (I can’t remember exact price but it was around 30)
  9. Broadway  $837.72 (a ticket)
  10. Ubers $100 (for all the uber rides we took)
  11. Meals $430 (an estimate per person)
  12. Coffee $50 (an estimate per person)
  13. Shopping $300 (an estimate per person)

I think by the time everything was said and done, I’d spent about $3,000 for the whole trip – which isn’t terrible considering everything we did and how long we stayed. I cannot wait to go back!




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