THURSDAY 17, 2016

As most mornings we started off with coffee in Time Square. Today was much more relaxed than most days we’d spent in the city. We didn’t leave the hotel until 10 not having anywhere to be until 11. We went to Manhattan to meet a friend of who was doing an internship in the city. So naturally we met up for coffee.

We were going to meet at Ludlow Coffee Supply (link to website) a cute amazing little coffee shop. However, we must have walked past the front of the building five times not realizing it was coffee shop. So being fed up we stumbled into a different coffee shop, El Rey Coffee Bar, and it was so cute! So we waited there for our friend to find us. Funny enough she’d been coming to this area for a while now and never knew about the coffee shop we stumbled into it. We had some coffee there and then headed to where she meant to take us, Ludlow. Ludlow coffee shop has the best vanilla bourbon latte (AMAZING!)

We ended up heading over to Urban Outfitters and did some serious shopping. It was really nice to see a familiar face in the city – a little piece of home with us on our trip. After probably too much shopping she took us to a wonderful little cafe for late lunch. Grey Dog was a fun, funky little cafe. We got amazing sandwiches and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for our big adventure that night: The Helicopter Tour.

As we got back to the hotel we needed to be to the Helicopter place at 5:30. So in our GPS it said it took about 20 minutes to get there so we decided to leave at 5. BIG MISTAKE! We did not think clearly about traffic! We called an uber and got in and then was stuck in traffic for nearly 45 minutes. Bless our uber driver; not only was he a good driver but he was so nice and wonderful. He did everything in his power to get us there on time. We called the place and told them we were stuck in traffic but would be there before six. It was the most nerve-racking experience fighting traffic to make it on time. If we didn’t make it there before six, we’d miss our flight and we were pretty sure we wouldn’t get our money back – and that was no cheap experience. We were not going to miss it.

We got to the launch pad with minutes to spare, I don’t think the driver came to a complete stop before we were bolting out the door shouting thank yous back to him. He was so incredibly helpful we never would have made it without him. We came running in with just enough time to get life vests strapped on (in case our flight became a cruise) and then we headed out to the chopper.

There were only six of us in the flight and they seat you according to your weight to balance out the helicopter. I was terrified, I hate heights and I wasn’t next to Dakota. But once we took off everything else seemed to just fall away. It was surreal to see the city at night from that view. Our guide was so knowledgeable and the flight was smooth. We were up in the air for about twenty minutes before we came back down.

Once the craziness died down, of nearly missing our flight and then being up in the air, we headed over to the dock to wait for the boat to come back. However in our haste to leave the hotel, we didn’t grab coats – and it had gotten cold. So in light wimpy sweaters we waited, and waited for the boat to come back to the dock. But once it did we gladly boarded and took seats inside getting our glass of champagne and enjoying the fun informational cruise around the harbor. We even pulled up by the Statue of Liberty and were able to go on the front of the ship and take pictures. After another half an hour we left the ship and called an uber to take us back to the hotel – for once we weren’t in a rush to get anywhere. We changed and washed up a little bit and then decided to just ask the concierge where to eat an amazing last meal.

We wanted steak and were recommended an amazing steak joint called Del Frisco’s Grille. In the way of last meals, it was perfect. We waited for a table at the bar, no more than fifteen minutes, got seated and ordered an amazing meal. We got a starter and then an entree of delicious cooked perfectly, steak. I would go back to Del Frisco’s in a heartbeat! And I’ve heard that there’s one in Chicago – which isn’t too terribly far from where I live.


An insane day of coffee shops and night time tours 17/11/2016

Neither one of us were in a huge hurry to go back to the hotel so after a very filling dinner we wandered around Time Square and just took in the night life. I think we were both trying not to think about the fact that tomorrow afternoon we’d be heading back to the airport, and going home.

In the way of last nights, it couldn’t have been better.



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