Wednesday was a much more relaxed day – we didn’t have anything planned besides the musical. This gave us time to sleep in a little (though getting up at 8/830 isn’t really sleeping late) and get going at an easier pace. We had breakfast at Evergreens again – it became an instant favorite. And then we shopped!

Until 1ish we just shopped around Time Square and and drank tons of coffee. It was really nice to not have a plan. We dumped our bags off at the Hotel and headed over to the theater not realizing that if we got there an hour before the show, we’d have to get in line half way around the building. Luckily they kept things moving and we quickly got in and got seated.

In case you aren’t aware of what Hamilton is about, a very quick explanation is; it’s about the life of Alexander Hamilton. How he was an immigrant and our country was built by immigrants. It dives deeper into political issues and the book the musical was inspired by is HERE if you’re interested in learning more (which I recommend checking it out)!

Before we left for New York we had been told to get opera glasses just in case our seats from the mezzanine were a little too far away. We were three rows up from the railing in the middle of the isle. The seats were unreal! We could see the stage and the people perfectly – no need for the glasses at all!

After the opening number I could see what all the fuss was about. The show was unbelievable and all the actors where amazing. The show was more than I could have imagined it to be – and even though the original cast members weren’t in the show anymore it didn’t lessen how wonderful it was. Had I have not known they weren’t in it, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

After the show was over we went to the stage door and waited outside for the cast members to come out. I had wanted to get everyone to sign my playbill but again – we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and there were so many people trying to get autographs. I managed to get one when I decided we should head back and figure out a dinner plan.

Of course, because we can’t decide anything when we’re starving we sat around the hotel complaining about being hungry but unable to decide where we wanted to eat. After almost forty minutes we went to the concierge and said we want dinner. I said I wanted pasta and she recommended an amazing little Italian restaurant called, Azalea (link to website). I had homemade gnocchi in a fresh tomato sauce. Like all our meals it was amazing. After dinner we wandered around the Time Square and did very touristy things.


Hamilton on Broadway, morning shenanigans around Time Square and dinner at Azalea’s 16/11/2016


After dinner touristy things 16/11/2016

We went back to the hotel room and ordered a bottle of champagne to the room and played cards not ready to call it quits – but very much looking forward to Thursday’s adventures.


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