We started our day with breakfast. We’d gotten a local recommendation of a great little diner a block away from our hotel from the bartender. So we had to check it out – since we love diners and breakfast; and there was no way we could get lost with it being so close. It was called Evergreen Diner (link to website) and it did not disappoint. They get you seated you order and before you can even take a sip of your coffee the food is on the table. It was such a fun place we ended up eating there a few times. It was the perfect way to start our second – very busy – day.

We dubbed it our museum day. We were in fact hitting, the 9/11 Memorial, The Met, The Guggenheim and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. We started with the one that was farthest away from our hotel and working backwards. That took us to the 9/11 Memorial, which also gave us the most time there. It was a good thing we did that one first because it took the longest; as we wanted to make sure we got to see everything.

There was a lot about the 9/11 Memorial that you couldn’t photograph but it was such a surreal and chilling experience. Since the day it happened I was in second grade there’s much I remember but there’s a lot I didn’t know (or maybe wasn’t able to comprehend) so it was probably my favorite museum we went to that day.

It’s so very hard to describe what it felt like being there… Never have I been to a museum that was unbelievably quiet. I just remember my heart was pounding the entire time – it was unsettling. The part of the museum that impacted me the most was; we walked into a room where you weren’t allowed to take pictures. And they had all sorts of things in there from pictures and news clippings to projectors with news reels from that day. But as you walked around each nook and cranny there was always something. And I walked into this little nook and there were quotes on the walls that said all different things. But the one I remember most was, “You felt like you owed it to them to just stop and watch.” I remember thinking, ‘watch what?’ And then this black and white clip flashed across the screen of all these different people jumping out of the windows. And like the quote said, I couldn’t look away.

Of all the things I remember about 9/11 I didn’t remember that and it was horribly sad to watch but I couldn’t look away until the clip stopped. If you are ever in New York I would strongly suggest you go and check it out because no words can describe what it was like to walk through there.


A small glimpse of the 9/11 Memorial 15/11/2016

We left after about two hours and the train ride to the Met was pretty silent between us. But as we got off the train headed towards the Met we got off early and headed up walking over two miles just to get to the Met – in the cold, wet rain. Of all the days we were there, the day we picked to do all this walking it was raining. We didn’t let it stop us or dampen our fun. As we got to the Met we decided to pick an era we were most interested in – because you could honestly spend all day in the Met and not see everything. And unfortunately we were pressed for time seeing as we wanted to make it to all the museums on our list.


The Met 15/11/2016

The Met was wonderful and full of chatter which was a nice change of pace from the Memorial. However the hunger had set in since it was almost three in the afternoon and we hadn’t eaten since the morning so we were a little less than our peppy selves. We decided to leave the Met in search of food. We ended up walking over towards the Guggenheim in hopes of trying to find food along the way. Well according to our trusty little GPS it was only a ten minute walk.. Well that would have been the case if we hadn’t gotten lost walking through Central Park and then having to back track. By the time we actually got over to the Guggenheim I think we were both ready for blood. We made the snap decision to just eat at the museum’s restaurant called The Wright. We weren’t sure what to expect but we decided we didn’t care – food was food at this point.

They had a prefixed lunch menu and at random I ordered my two courses and was thrilled. I’m not sure if it was the hunger or just simply purely amazing food but it was one of the best meals we had in NYC. After an amazing lunch and both of us in better spirits we tackled the Guggenheim. Which was crazy and fun! Just the building itself is a work of art. I’m not one for modern art (it sometimes goes over my head) but the experience was unreal.


Our day at the Guggenheim and lunch at The Wright Restaurant 15/11/2016

As the day was winding down we hop back on the subway towards Time Square – which is to our hotel and the wax museum. We contemplated going back to the hotel first and then heading to our last museum but we both knew if we went back we weren’t leaving again. So we hopped off the subway and headed towards the last museum. The wax museum was a lot of fun and I think a great way to end such an eventful day.

We ended up walking over 10 miles between getting to the museums and then walking through them. We ended the night with dinner and drinks at the hotel too exhausted to walk anywhere else. With extremely sore and blistered feet. We were looking forward to a much more relaxed day on Wednesday.


Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum 15/11/2016

This is the one day pass we used to hit all the museums The New York Pass


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