If we’re being honest the trip technically started Sunday night around 5ish when we got to the Clarion Hotel in Milwaukee. The Clarion is literally right across the street from the airport and you can park your car there for free during the length of your trip. Once you get back they shuttle you to and from the airport. In the future I’ll probably always stay there because it made things so easy. No hassle with trying to find people to pick us up or pay the airport parking fees.

At the time of booking our flight I had got it in my head that the earlier we landed in New York the longer we could make of our trip – trying to get the most time out of our time there. So our flight left at 6:20am Monday morning – way too early to drive down – which meant that we’d land in New York around 9:30am. This was perfect by the time we’d get to the hotel we could check our bags and explore and wait for check in.

After horrible airport coffee and a quick breakfast we were already boarding the plane. While we’re waiting for everyone to board the plane and get settled I decide it’d be a great idea to book tickets for when we get there to see the World One Observatory. I managed to book the tickets right before we started moving towards the runway.

As much as we wanted to sleep on the flight out there we couldn’t. The excitement of finally being on the trip we’ve been looking forward too for so long was finally here – we weren’t going to waste any time – not even on the plane. As it turns out we were lucky enough to see a beautiful sun rise on our ride to New York so it was worth it.


Sunrise over Lake Michigan November 14, 2016

We hired a car to pick us up from the airport and drop us off at the hotel. I was very surprised at how quickly we managed to get to our hotel. For all the bad things people say about drivers in New York City our first experience was rather pleasant. Driving into town was like culture overload. We both live in a town that has the population of 967 people so going to New York was culture shock – and I loved it. We stayed at the DoubleTree Hilton Suites and were so lucky to be able to check in right when we arrived. We hadn’t planned on that so it was a wonderful bonus. We dropped our bags and decided to head over to the World One Observatory – and that meant figuring out the subway.

Lucky for us we were showed a wonderful trick using the maps app in our phones.

img_0997So all we had to do was enter where we wanted to go, hit transit and then take the fastest route to where we wanted to be. The nice part was is once you’re in the subway you lose cell service so we took screenshots of this so we’d know how many stops we’d need to take and then once we resurfaced we’d turn our maps back on and walk the last little bit. This made the subway system seem much less intimating. We did end up purchasing metro cards. We were in New York from Monday to Friday so we bought 7 day unlimited passes and it was worth the thirty some dollars we spent on it. We took subways everywhere – we tried to avoid taking taxis or ubers as much as possible.

Our struggle with the subways, was we’d get off and start walking the wrong way for a block or two before we realized we were heading in the wrong direction! You can’t win ’em all!

We got to the World on Observatory and they have an elevator that takes you up 100 floors in sixty seconds! That was terrifying. But the elevator shows the evolution of the city over the years getting to present day once you reach the top floor. Then the fun began as we wandered down the floors looking at the beautiful views snapping amazing pictures.


Our day at the World One Observatory 14/11/2016

It was such an amazing experience to see the city from that view it was breathtaking – and we were lucky enough to have such a gorgeous day. We stayed up there and had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed the view. We took our time getting back to the hotel to wash up before dinner. After a few wrong turns and nearly walking past the Beetle House (link to the website) we found it – and soon understood why they strongly suggested you make a reservation. The whole restaurant probably only sat 20 maybe 30 people tops. The atmosphere was fun and funky – playing music only from the soundtracks from Tim Burton’s films with art and decorations coming straight from the movies it was such a unique place to eat dinner. The drinks were delicious and the food was to die for (the whole time we were in New York we never ate at a bad place).


A glimpse of the Beetle House and my wonderful friend 14/11/2016

Day one ends early. We take a long walk back to the hotel avoiding subways and just getting a better glimpse of the city. And gearing up for day two.


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