Sometimes after careful planning something wonderful comes from it… However this adventure started out on a wonderful whim. It all started back in April (2016) when no one could shut up about Hamilton. I needed to know what was all the fuss about it. It was winning awards left and right – critics were raving about how brilliant it was. I needed to see it – if it was truly so brilliant.

So my trip to New York City started when I decided I needed to see this musical. I bought two tickets to see Hamilton on November 16 (I picked November because that’s the week before Thanksgiving and we’re usually pretty slow work). Now after I’d spent, more on the tickets than I probably should have, I needed a partner in crime. The logical choice was my boyfriend of three years. So when I mentioned to him we should take a trip he loved the idea and then I suggested New York and he didn’t seem to love it as much as he liked the idea of laying on a beach somewhere. So after I sheepishly told him that I’d already bought tickets to see the musical we scrambled to find someone who could afford to take that kind of a trip.

When I was talking to a girlfriend at work and she said she’d always wanted to go, I turned to her and said, why don’t you come?! And thus started the beginning of an insanely wonderful girl’s trip to the city.

Seeing as how in June I had my sister’s wedding in North Carolina we decided to not plan anything until I got back (mostly because we had a lot of time to figure out our actual plans for the trip and we needed to save up money in the mean time). We put planning the trip on hold until mid-July when I stumbled upon an amazing deal on flights. I was at work, working the morning shift and happened to be price checking flights so we’d have an idea of how much we needed for flights. Thanks to Southwest we were able to find two round trip, nonstop tickets for $319 total. It was such an amazing deal I bought them on the spot. The plane tickets kicked off us starting to plan our trip.

Neither one of us had ever really had to book an entire vacation before so there was a learning curve for both of us, but I think we managed to do a pretty good job. I was in charge of the big stuff, Broadway tickets, plane, hotel and a few other large ticket items. While my girlfriend did some of the smaller stuff like acquiring museum passes.

So before we left for New York we booked:

our hotel (at a DoubleTree Hilton Suites in the middle of Time Square)
Broadway Tickets for Hamlition
A Helicopter Tour of the city followed by a booze cruise around the harbor
Made Dinner reservations at the Beetle House (A Tim Burton themed Bar and Restaurant)
An all day pass to get us into the Met, Guggenheim, 9/11 Memorial and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

And with that we set about with a vague outline of what our trip would look like.

Sunday – Check into a hotel in Milwaukee (that offers free shuttle service to and from the airport)
Monday – arrive, check in and bum around the city until we had to be at dinner
Tuesday – Museums all day (Despite the rain)
Wednesday – Broadway
Thursday – We met up with a friend and spent the afternoon together and then went on our helicopter tour
Friday – we checked out went to Central Park and then left for the airport



NYC Skyline from Helicopter on November 17, 2016




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