Whole30 more like Whole15

Whole30 Fail


So at day fifteen of my whole30 challenge – I finally caved and bought some coffee creamer because black coffee is just not the same. And I have learned a few things while doing this challenge that I wanted to share.

First of all; whole30 works. In my short time during whole15, as I’ve started calling it, I lost seven pounds already – so if you committed to the whole thirty days you could probably get more out of your time.

Second; that this is a great tool to help get your on the path to eating healthy, since I’ve been off the challenge for a few days, I haven’t wanted sweets or bread even. And I loved bread – now I find that even half a sandwich at a restaurant is too much bread for me. So it’s really helped curb my appetite and made me want the healthier things. For me that was the main purpose of this challenge, to get on track with eating better.

I have a few things to impart on anyone who wants to try whole30 challenge:
1. FOOD PREP IS SO IMPORTANT! I never thought about it all that much while I was doing it – mostly because I didn’t think it was worth my time but it is! It is so important to prep your food, and I think that’s why I struggled so much with this challenge.

2. I honestly believe that this is something that gets easier the more you do it. And I think it’s okay to say I couldn’t do it this time… but next time (if there is a next time). Because I really had no clue what I was getting myself into – it really is a life style change. Which brings me to Number 3
3. This is not something that you should do longer than a month. It’s really meant to show you how to eat better and prepare for a healthy lifestyle. The whole30 website is right though, you do feel a million times better during the challenge (and after if you continue to eat healthy.

I truly believe you could find the proper balance between whole30 insanity and healthy eating which I think I am getting there. I am very glad I tried the challenge and I think I may try to do it in the future and stick to it – doing the whole thirty days.


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