The more I’ve gotten into Whole30 it’s slowly getting easier. Today, September 7th I am eight days into this challenge and now my problem is a simple one. I AM BORED OF EATING THE SAME THINGS. This is a huge problem. It’s an easy thing to correct but at the same time it’s been very hard for me.

I’ve been spicing up my meats and my veggies – but at the end of the day I’m still eating meat and vegetables. And after awhile that becomes monotonous. Perhaps that comes from my poor cooking skills or from my lack of time or caring about cooking my food. Cooking has never been one of my strong suits or something that I enjoy. So trying to new things and experimenting sounds awful to me. And it isn’t like I don’t enjoy trying new things – I just really hate cooking.

So really that has been the hardest challenge has been that; the cravings aren’t really as terrible as I thought they would be. Even the exercise hasn’t been that hard to keep a consistent schedule. 

One of the rules of Whole30 you can’t weight yourself or measure your waist. So it’s kind of hard to measure your progress but at least for me, I feel better. When you stop eating all the pasta and diary; you feel lighter and better. Less sluggish and more active. That in itself is progress for me. And the whole goal of this challenge for me is once it’s done to keep on with the healthy eating. And I think this a great stepping stone. But it’s definitely not easy to keep with the strict diet. But hey! It’s only thirty days. In the span of your life thirty days is not that long of a time.


This is a lot of the meals I've been making mostly because they're easy. That doesn't mean they aren't delicious.

This is a lot of the meals I’ve been making mostly because they’re easy. That doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious.



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