Food prep is probably one of the most understated things when it comes to dieting. It’s definitely easier to eat healthy if you are able to prep you food at the beginning of the week. Most people, will do their shopping and then prep food on Sundays – so whether that be cooking off some chicken breasts or prepackaging your portions of fruits and veggies out. I found this site very helpful for getting a better look at food prep click HERE to check it out.

For me this week food prep looked like, cutting fruit up, cutting and packing meat (chicken, turkey, beef and steak) into little zip-lock baggies so I could just pull one or two out of the freezer and make myself some dinner. It also involved precooking potatoes and then freezing them. What we did is, we diced up a bunch of potatoes and blanched them so I could pull them out and cook up a portion whenever I wanted. With the Whole30 diet I haven’t found myself cooking or prepping much beyond that for two reasons.

One, I’m a horrible cook and am currently learning how to do the simplest of things – which usually just ends with a giant mess in the kitchen! And two, I currently work as a bartender and that leaves me working weird hours. So when I get home I don’t usually feel like looking myself a meal at 2:30 in the morning, so I’ll have fruit and veggies or nothing. I’m always pretty good about eating before work and taking snacks (bananas, veggies) which helps the hunger after work.

For the Whole30 challenge day two and three have been going pretty well. I must say though, the cravings are kicking in. I work at the bar and all the food smells amazing and it’s pretty hard to resist temptation. I’ve been told that after the first week the cravings start to die down. And any time I want something sweet I go for the watermelon – my all time favorite fruit.

FOOD ON 1.9.16

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with leftover beef from dinner the night before and peppers

Lunch/dinner was quick and simple yesterday a slice of turkey breast with American Fries (one of the few things I can cook so get use to seeing them!).


FOOD ON 2.9.16

For breakfast I kept it simple and had a pepper omelette. I used peppers because they needed to be cooked off today and coffee black. The omelette was a complete accident, I was going to make an egg pancake because the last time I tried to make an omelette there was more egg on my floor than in my pan but as I went to turn it very carefully; it ended up folding over on itself – a beautiful accident!


Dinner: tonight I had assistance in the kitchen (and by assistance I mean he cooked the whole thing) and my boyfriend made seasoned pork tenderloin with sautéed asparagus and of course, American Fries with grilled peppers – it was amazing! Even better because I didn’t have to help make it tonight.



Just as eating is important it’d be useless without a workout program. And while mine isn’t always the same the “program” for me is spinning class twice a week with a TRX class and then additional running outside of that.

On 31.8.16 I took a spin class, 45 minutes and it kicked my butt – it’s been too long since I’ve been on a bike.

On 1.9.16 I went walking with a friend for thirty minutes.

And 2.9.16 I was suppose to go running but over slept – which happens in life sometimes that just means I’m going to make up for that tomorrow.


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