This will change your life. It’s one of the first things on the Whole30 website. And I have to say I’m not sure if I’m convinced about that. All of that speculation aside I am still going to do the Whole30 challenge and find out for myself just how life changing this will be.


For those of who you are unfamiliar (as I was up until a few short weeks ago) it is a diet  – or a lifestyle change – that cuts out certain food groups that have negative impacts on your health. They have you stop eating, sugar, grains (of any kind including gluten free), dairy and legumes (a plant that comes from seeds or pods; meaning mostly beans and peas) and worst of all NO BOOZE of any kind for 30 days. They challenge you to 30 days of cutting all these things out and seeing the affects it will have on your health. By doing this challenge the chances that your tastes will change, your eating habits, craving and even all together your relationship with food.  I do believe that the goal of this challenge is that you ultimately change your eating habits completely to live a healthier lifestyle.


At this point it’s much easier to tell you what you can eat since the list of food you aren’t allowed to eat is appearing endless. Approved foods consist of; meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables and fruits. The whole purpose is to eat food that is unprocessed, no added sugar and while these initial rules seem quite harsh – it is only for 30 days. If anyone is interested in getting a much more detailed outline of what you can and can’t here you can click HERE to go to their website.

I have never been one to stick to any sort of dieting fab. I’m good for a few weeks and then something comes up and I fizzle out. Working out has never been a problem for me, it’s fun and going every day or multiple times a week is enjoyable. If given the choice between an apple or candy – I’d chose candy every time. My sweet tooth is unreal and that is the root of the problem. If we have candy in the house you best believe it’s not staying there long.

Needless to say when my sister first mentioned it to me I was hesitant. But she kept on saying, ‘it’s only 30 days.’ And she was right! We’ll see if I’m still saying that once I get half way through this challenge.

The first official day of the challenge was today, August 31st. But I like to think it really started yesterday, the 30th. And here’s why, FOOD PREP! it will be your new best friend. We went to the store and packed our cart with meats, vegetables and fruits, carefully avoiding the entire middle of the store. We followed that old saying stick to the outside of the store. I’m not a planner or a cooker – so my grocery lists usually are empty and I just sort of wing it while I’m at the store. This is not a method that works with whole30. You need a plan and probably a budget because eating healthy is expensive – probably why most people don’t do it.

Well we didn’t really have a plan, I found a recipe for this parchment paper chicken dish found on a blog called nomnompaleo – and then our list started. I think I’m quite lucky since I’m dating and live with a professional chef. So really once we got to the store he just started putting stuff in my cart. We ended up getting, chicken, salmon, beef – and very veggie under the sun.

Since I can’t cook we did something very similar to the parchment packet dinners – but we use tinfoil. All you do is pick your protein, chop up some veggies, maybe even some slices of lemon or orange, add your seasoning and spices top it off with a little extra virgin olive oil and BAM! you’ve just got dinner. We also made a separate packet for potatoes since that’s one of the few things you can eat. And I must say they’re actually pretty tasty!

Breakfast is easy, have an omelet or if you’re like me and can’t flip your omelets without egg all over your floor have scrambled eggs with meat and veggies!


Top: potato wedges with E.V.O.O. parsley and pepper Bottom Left: chicken on a bed of yellow and red peppers, orange slices, seasoning, pepper, garlic and parsley Bottom Right: beef, yellow and red peppers, onions, seasoning, parsley, seasoning, pepper and garlic

This picture is the dinner we made yesterday. And I have to say they’re easy and delicious so even if you aren’t a chef you can make a wonderful meal! Dinner tonight is flank steak, with chopped up peppers, seasoning, garlic, and orange slices with American Fries (or more commonly known as chopped up potatoes seasoned and cooked in a little bit of E.V.O.O.) with a side of watermelon (my favorite fruit!).


Tonight’s dinner: Flank steak with chopped up peppers, seasoned with pepper, seasoning and garlic with orange slices and some American fries.


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